Introducing Family Tree University Power Courses!

By Diane Haddad

Do you go on family history research benders every once in awhile?

I do: I’ll get inspired after a genealogy conference or when I read about new records on a database site, and I’ll spend any spare time on research for days. Then regular life takes over until the next spree.

Family Tree University‘s new Power Courses are designed for genealogists who do their family history research (and learning) in spurts. When you sign up for one, you’ll have access for one week (Monday through Sunday) to a number of learning tools: videos, lessons, downloadable guides and forms, even coupons good for 25 percent off future FTU courses.

You pick the topic you need and the week you want, and we’ll be ready to teach you what you need to know to immediately tackle the problems you’re facing in your research.

Two Power Courses are coming up in December. Click each course name for more details about it:

  • Coming to America: Learn all about how to trace your immigrant ancestors, from their departure from the old country to their new life as US citizens.
  • Tear Down That Wall! Bust through the brick walls that keep you from furthering your genealogical research. Got ancestors who seem to have beamed down from outer space? This course is for you.

We’ll be offering many more Power Courses in 2012. In fact, there’s quite a bit of new stuff coming at Family Tree University. Stay tuned!