Invest in Your Family History with the Fall Virtual Conference

By Vanessa Wieland

Sure, you know that taking genealogy courses can improve your research skills. But if you’re balking at the time commitment or price of the 2018 Fall Virtual Conference, we have 5 reasons to take the plunge and join us September 21st – 23rd. These 3 days will be worth your while, offering you plenty of resources to build your research skills, invest in your family history, and become a better genealogist.

Fall 2018 Virtual Genealogy Conference genealogy courses online

1. Practical applications at your fingertips

As an adult, you most likely learn best when you can practice what you’re learning right away. The 2018 Fall Virtual Genealogy Conference offers you the chance to learn a plethora of research tips, strategies and resources. And because it’s all held online, you can start applying the lessons you’ve learned immediately to your family history. If you want to pause one of the videos to try a search, you can, and you won’t miss anything else, because when you’re done, you can pick up where you left off, rewind back to catch something again, and then move on to the next. Plus, you can download the presentations and their visual aids, so you don’t have to scramble to take notes.

What’s more, if you have a question about what you’re learning, there are plenty of discussion boards where you can get answers. We’ll have a team on hand all weekend, including our moderators Shannon Combs-Bennett and Gena Philibert-Ortega, both experienced genealogists and instructors. In fact, both of them will be doing live Q&As over the weekend (including Shannon’s on Applying Your DNA Results to your Paper Trail), so have your questions ready!

And they’re not the only ones! We have a live keynote from The Legal Genealogist, Judy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL and presentations from Lisa Louise Cooke of Genealogy Gems, Drew Smith of the Genealogy Guys podcast, and a whole lot more.

2. Make fewer mistakes in your family history

Family Tree Books editor, Andrew Koch, is looking forward to 5 Ways to Make Your Online Tree Bulletproof. “I spend a LOT of time on, and it can be tempting to add any and every record the site suggests. But when looking closer, I find plenty of mistakes in mine and others’ family trees. I’m looking forward to learning some strategies for preventing errors.”

Of course, that’s just one presentation. With 14 other recorded presentations, you’ll be able to put together a unique combination of techniques and resources that will help you build a better toolbox for your research. You’ll be able to spot mistakes before they can creep in, regardless of whether your tree is on or in another program.

Which of the presentations and events are you most looking forward to?

Invest in your family history with the 2018 Fall Virtual Genealogy Conference, sponsored by Vivid-Pix

3. Set a new record for successful searches

It’s so easy to assume that just because you can’t find a record on Ancestry or FamilySearch, it doesn’t exist. But that’s not always the case. In 10 Records You Didn’t Know to Search For, you’ll discover records you may have overlooked, along with strategies for finding them and applying them to your research. You’ll also learn about courthouse records and new resources for finding periodicals both online and offline, along with German and Eastern European records, and how to search online using your mobile phone.

Once you’ve started searching for foreign-language records, you’ll learn all about how to translate them using online translation tools.

4. Compare notes and build a support network

If you enjoy the social side of conferences, you’ll love the numerous opportunities to compare notes and engage in discussions. Diane Haddad agrees. “I love the exchange of surnames, research questions and answers, and favorite tips and websites. The best is when someone shares a great discovery about their family, and we all celebrate along with that person.”

The chance to compare notes and exchange ideas isn’t just from our moderators; the ideas will be flying fast all weekend! Have a stumper you’re trying to overcome? Crowdsource it with others and see if someone else has overcome that challenge. Looking for an ancestor in a specific geographical area? Someone else may have some tips and insights. A large part of the conference is the chance to use the discussion boards to help and support each other.

Plus, there are no crowds or long lines to get in the lavatories in our virtual genealogy conference.

5. It all adds up

3 days, 4 live Q&As, 5 Ways…, 6 Tips…, 7 Things…, 10 Records…,15 recorded presentations…you get the idea.

We tried to calculate how many different ways you can benefit from the virtual conference, but we lost count. It makes calculating your DNA relationships look easy in comparison! (You’ll find out how to do that in the conference, too.) It all adds up to finding more about your ancestors. Learn more reasons and register for the 2018 Fall Virtual Genealogy Conference today!

And one bonus reason to sign up: You still have a chance to save! Early bird pricing ends on Friday, August 17th, so sign up today to invest in your family history and yourself. You’re worth it!

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