Live Roots Adds Access to FamilySearch Record Search Results

By Diane Haddad

Live Roots, a genealogy tool that helps you organize your research and find genealogy resources by searching the internet, now lets you view search results from the free FamilySearch Record Search pilot site from within Live Roots.

To get started, go to the Live Roots partner site search page, scroll down to FamilySearch Record Search and type your search term (click the blue plus sign for advanced search options), then click the Search button.

In your search results, click on a name to see details from the record. If an image is available, click the View Image link (located below the record details) to see the record.

Why search through Live Roots instead of just going to the Record Search pilot? On your Live Roots search results page, you’ll be able to click to try the same search on other sites such as, Footnote, GenForum, Flickr and more (to see search results from subscription sites, you’ll need a subscription to that site).

Live Roots also lets registered members (membership is free) keep track of searches and results, and add resources to a personal library. (See this article for more information on managing genealogy projects in Live Roots.)

Also new: You can add the Live Roots search engine to the search provider box in the upper right corner of your web browser, letting you use Live Roots no matter what web site you’re on. Just click the link in this Live Roots blog post.