TLC’s “Long Lost Family” Reunites Separated Families

By Diane Haddad

Season 3 of the TLC reality series “Long Lost Family,” in which hosts Chris Jacobs and Lisa Joyner reunite family members separated by adoption, abandonment or other circumstances, premiered Sunday.

(You might see this called season 4 in some places. It looks like the second season had two parts, and this 2018 season is actually season 3.)

The premiere episode, “The First and Last Time I Saw My Sister,” features a woman haunted by the memory of a sister she met only once, in a courtroom, when she was 7. You can see why people say you need a box of tissues to watch this show.

Here’s a video sneak peek at this season’s “Long Lost Family.”

And click here to view clips from past episodes here.

Both the hosts are adoptees who embarked on their own searches to find their birth families. Researchers use public records, genealogy documents and DNA—Ancestry is a sponsor—to find relatives. Along the way, family secrets and the circumstances of the separation are unraveled.

The show has obvious appeal for the many who are searching for their birth families, a growing community due to the new possibilities consumer DNA testing presents. But the stories also offer a strong emotional connection that appeals to just about anyone.

Those seeking relatives can apply to appear on future seasons of “Long Lost Family.”

Where to Watch “Long Lost Family”

“Long Lost Family” airs Sundays at 10 p.m on TLC. You also can watch it (or “Who Do You Think You Are?” another Ancestry-sponsored show, in which celebrities discover their roots) using the TLCGo streaming app. You do need to have one of TLC’s designated TV providers to sign in to the app.

Sadly, my household doesn’t have cable, or any of the providers on the TLCGo list. Looks like seasons and episodes of both shows are available through Amazon Prime Video, as well as for purchase through YouTube.

If you are an adoptee searching for your birth family, you’ll want to pre-order The Adoptee’s Guide to DNA Testing, our new research guide that ships starting in July.