Retirement Date Extended for, MyCanvas, Mundia, Ancestry DNA and mtDNA

By Diane Haddad

Due to recent site outages during’s recent Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack two weeks ago, the company has pushed back the shutdown dates for, MyCanvas, Mundia, and Y-DNA and mtDNA: These sites will now be available until Sept. 30, 2014, instead of the originally announced Sept. 5.

During the DDoS attack, users of the to-be-retired services couldn’t get into the sites to retrieve their data.

Here’s another retirement-related update: To the disappointment of some Y-DNA and mtDNA customers, will not release DNA samples submitted for those tests, and will destroy those samples (or perhaps already has done so). On’s blog, Senior Vice President and General Manager for DNA says that “the legal framework used to collect these samples does not allow us to retest or transfer those samples.” He adds that many of the samples are no longer usable. See the full explanation here.