“Retirement” Tips for Ancestry Y-DNA & mtDNA, MyCanvas and MyFamily.com Customers

By Diane Haddad

By now you’ve probably heard Ancestry.com’s announcement about the retirement of Mundia, Genealogy.com, Y-DNA and mtDNA testing, MyCanvas and MyFamily.com.

I haven’t seen many expressions of sadness about Mundia.com (whose trees are duplicated in Ancestry Member Trees) and Genealogy.com (whose forums, family sites and popular articles will remain online in read-only format). But users of the Y-DNA and mtDNA tests, MyCanvas and MyFamily.com have a lot to say.

If you’re a member of one of these services, here are some tips and blog posts I’ve found to save your information and move it to another service.

AncestryDNA Y-DNA and mtDNA

  • You should receive an email with instructions for downloading your raw Y-DNA or mtDNA data as a CSV file (which you an open in Excel).