We Want Your Comments

By Diane Haddad

One thing we love about blogs is they’re a two-way street. As much as our own thoughts fascinate us, what we really long for is to hear what’s going on in your head when you read the Genealogy Insider blog. Do you agree? Disagree? Want to add a related resource or tip?

To leave a comment in response to a blog post, click the word “Comments” in red below that post and scroll to the bottom of any already-existing comments. Type your name (or a name), and your e-mail address if you want (it’s not required). Type in your comment, then click Save Comment. You’ll have to go through the security rigamarole of entering a code word displayed in a graphic (you may have to do that twice), then your comment will appear in all its glory.

Some guidelines to what kind of posts are permissible:

1. Naturally, no cursing, personal insults or other offensive language is allowed.

2. Your comment must be related to the post you’re commenting on.

3. We may remove comments we deem to be advertising your own commercial product or service. Mentioning your product or service is fine, if it’s directly related to the post you’re commenting on and you’re up front that it’s your product.

4. Family Tree Magazine editors reserve the right to remove comments we judge to be inappropriate.

Have questions? Post ’em here, or send us an e-mail.