What We’re Excited to Buy During the Black Friday Sale

By Ashlee Peck

Genetic Genealogy Mega Collection

I couldn’t understand what my DNA test results were telling me or how to put the info to use! This bundle of videos, cheat sheets and explanations of which tests tell me what helped erased my frustration and let me take a giant leap forward in my understanding and my research. Grab it now for yourself or that special genealogist on your gift list!

»Patty Craft, Family Tree Publisher

black friday sale

Unofficial Guide to, Second Edition

With all of the DNA kits being bought these days, there are more chances to get your family into genealogy than ever! This latest edition of the Unofficial Guide to is a fantastic way to introduce your relatives to the wealth of information at their fingertips. This book will make an excellent companion gift to an AncestryDNA test and encourage them to build their online tree, too.

»Vanessa Wieland, Instructional Designer and Dean of Students

Ultimate Guide to Genealogy Records

As someone who is relatively new to genealogy, it can be difficult to keep track of all the different types of records, as well as the information they each offer. The Ultimate Guide to Genealogy Records breaks down records by categories (censuses, vital records, immigration records, etc.) and provides a quick reference to what exactly these records are and how they fit into your ancestor’s story. Not only that, but this book provides strategies for how to find and use these records in your research. All in all, this book is not only a practical guide for beginners, but a good reminder of best practices for more advanced genealogists as well!

» Rachel Fountain, Family Tree Web Producer and Social Media Manager

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Family Tree Factbook

I’ve been saving up for the Family Tree Factbook. The book has easy-to-reference genealogy facts and checklists that will save me a ton of time researching. It’s got quick stats about US state vital records, federal census question, tips for using, and more.

» Andrew Koch, Family Tree Books Editor/Content Producer

2018 Virtual DNA Conference Self-Study Workshop Download

At 50 percent off, now is the time to get the video class or kit that really targets genealogy skills you want to improve. For me, that’s DNA. I know a little about identifying how I’m related to matches. But videos like the ones in the 2018 Virtual DNA Conference Self-Study Workshop will show me how to use strategies like triangulation, phasing and chromosome browsers (which, frankly, sound a little scary) to make REAL family discoveries with my DNA results.

» Diane Haddad, Family Tree Magazine Editor

What the Pros Know: Genealogy Organization Tips from the Pros Video Download

While I’ve really started to master my genealogy research skills, my findings are starting to pile up. It’s definitely time for me to focus on organization, and there’s no better time to do so than right after the holidays. I know the tips in this video will help me get my research cleaned up in no time!

» Ashlee Peck, Family Tree Online Content Director