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Dive into with the Unofficial Guide to, Second Edition! This updated and expanded guide will show you how to use, including AncestryDNA. Full of tips and strategies, this complete guidebook to will help you find your ancestors’ records and build out your family tree on the no. 1 genealogy website.

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Excerpt: Sample Tips

Here are some tips you’ll find in the Unofficial Guide to, second edition:

  1. Add dates to your search. Even if it’s just an educated guess, a date in your search will return people who have the same name, but lived across centuries.’s search function is built to look not only for the exact parameters you’ve indicated, but also results that are similar.
  2. Don’t specify “exact” in your census searches. Even if you know the exact name, place, and more, resist the urge to check the Exact box. Errors might have been made by enumerators, transcriptionists and ancestors, so the information recorded in the census may not exactly match what you know about your ancestor.
  3. Be wary of ethnicity estimates. The promise of learning what “percent” of a nationality you are has drawn many people to test with AncestryDNA, but these ethnicity estimates aren’t as reliable as you might believe. Take these estimates with a grain of salt, and spend more time analyzing the list of DNA matches that AncestryDNA provides.

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