New GeneTree Research Services Help You Understand DNA Results

By Allison Dolan

Genetic genealogy company GeneTree is offering new research services to help you make the best use of DNA testing in your family history search.

In addition to ordering a mitochondrial DNA or Y-DNA test, you can access two levels of service:

  • a $49.95, one-hour self-service consultation to help you understand your DNA test results and work up a plan for using them in your search—for example, which relative to test next for comparison. GeneTree CEO Jeff Wells compares this to “teaching people how to fish.”
  • a full-service report, in which GeneTree staff will analyze your DNA results, use the company’s resources to find genetic matches, and analyze pedigrees of potential relatives for family connections. The consultant also will use other, non-GeneTree resources. The cost is $49.95 per hour, with a five-hour minimum.

GeneTree resources include the databases of its parent, the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation, which has been gathering DNA data coupled with pedigree charts for years. The relationship “enables GeneTree to combine sophisticated DNA analysis with traditional genealogical research to provide our customers with the most complete picture of human identity available anywhere in the world,” Wells says.

See descriptions of GeneTree’s new services on its website.

In addition, GeneTree’s redesigned website features more educational information including DNA tutorials, explanations of mitochondrial DNA and Y-DNA and a Live Chat option.

What Wells calls a “reorientation” comes after his observation of customers’ experiences. “After I came on as CEO last summer, I went to conferences and talked to people about GeneTree experience,” he says. “I asked ‘What do you do with test results?’”

He found that many people were confused by DNA test results and how to use them. “Although we were providing a great products I like the idea of drilling down into the research and helping people not be confused by process,” Wells says.

The full-service approach is becoming more popular among genealogy companies. In 2007, African DNA launched to couple African-American family history research services with genetic testing, and started its Expert Connect service last year.