Wear Your DNA Ethnicity Results With Pride

By Sunny Jane Morton

A new company offers T-shirts and other merchandise that celebrates your DNA ethnicity results. Great holiday gift idea for yourself or a loved one!Do you like the idea that you could start a genealogy conversation without saying a word? Or that you could help your DNA-tested relatives share their results? We do, and that’s why we like

The company started after founder Alexander Coss received his own DNA test results. “I realized I had 14 different global population regions in my genes,” he says. “I discovered I was a human rainbow. I wanted to share it with the world.” He designed himself a DNA T-shirt, and before long, two of his family members wanted shirts, too. This led Coss to launch, an online site specializing in personalized T-shirts, mugs and totes.

Wearing your DNA ethnicity results

At, you can choose among several customizable styles, such as a world map, the DNA double-helix design, an ancestry tree, and a “Kiss Me, I’m Human” design. Provide your DNA regions and percentages to have them added to the products you choose (you can add custom messages to some, also).

According to the site, the company “is about celebrating ancestry while embracing diversity and respecting all human heritage. Celebrate DNATM is also keen on giving back to the community supporting others with similar values. Currently a portion of sales are being donated to the non-profit, Youth Celebrate Diversity.”

This is a great holiday gift idea for yourself—or for relatives who have taken DNA tests and you’d like to inspire their continued interest in their heritage. Plan ahead, because it takes about one to three weeks for orders to arrive at your door. If you’re planning really far ahead to next year’s family reunion, keep in mind that they also offer custom designs for family reunion T-shirts.

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