What’s Up with My Ethnicity Estimates?

By Vanessa Wieland

Ethnicity estimates have made news this year, especially with AncestryDNA’s updates this past fall. But how important are your ethnicity estimates to your research?

We asked genetic genealogist Shannon Combs-Bennett this very question. She’s the presenter on the recorded webinar, What’s Up With My Ethnicity Estimates? One thing she told us: These ethnicity reports don’t reflect your full pedigree. They only show the DNA you inherited. But they can still be very useful in your research.

Listen to her full answer in the video, below.

There are other ways your ethnicity results can come in handy. For one thing, they make great icebreakers and conversation starters. Or, you can wear your ethnicity results with pride on t-shirts other accessories. Or remind yourself of your family history when you drink your coffee – or perhaps your tea.

But which test is the best for determining ethnicity estimates?

Which tests are the best for determining your ethnicity? That depends on a number of factors. This article claims that MyHeritageDNA has the advantage of more users outside of the US, but the database of matches isn’t as big as AncestryDNA’s. On the other hand, if your paper trails keep leading back to Britain, Living DNA offers to break down your results not just to the country, but by region.

A lot of it depends on the population samples each company uses for their comparison. You can get the answer to that question and more by registering for live webinar.

Ethnicity Estimates live webinar
If you’ve asked Santa for a DNA test this Christmas or your recent ethnicity estimates have you scratching your head, sign up for What’s Up with my Ethnicity Estimates? and tune in to find out on December 13th. You’ll be able to ask Shannon your own questions about ethnicity estimates to get the low down on how each testing company calculates them and how to include them in your research.