Kelsey Grammer Discovers Pioneer Roots This Week on “Who Do You Think You Are?”

By Diane Haddad

Tomorrow on “Who Do You Think You Are?” Kelsey Grammer, Frazier Crane from “Cheers” and “Frazier,” learns about the early life of the grandmother who raised him. One of the mysteries that’ll be revealed on the show is why his grandmother wasn’t raised by her parents, either.

Grammer also discovers that his third-great-grandparents traveled the Oregon Trail with their 12 children. The pioneer era is one of my favorite periods of history to read about, so I’m especially looking forward to that part of the episode. (And 12 children? Could you imagine? Just driving a few hours with my two kids in the car is enough to make me swear off road trips.)

Plus, the show stops in Portland, Ore., where I used to live, and the Genealogical Forum of Oregon, where I’ve visited. I enjoy seeing places I recognize.

Here’s a preview clip for you:

“Who Do You Think You Are?” airs Wednesdays at 9/8 Central on TLC. And now you can watch full episodes of this season on the “Who Do You Think You Are?” website.