Quiz Yourself on the Royal Family

By Diane Haddad

Are you related to royalty? Well, even if you’re not, you can test your knowledge of the British royal family with a little quiz we put together in anticipation of Friday’s royal wedding between Prince William and Kate (officially, “Catherine”) Middleton.

Quiz yourself here.

Americans can watch the wedding, taking place at 11 am in London (6 am on the US East Coast), on several network and cable channels. Of course, coverage of pre-wedding events will start much earlier. Here’s a website to help you plan your tv viewing.

I love to see a girl become a princess as much as the next person (maybe more), but sleep is precious in my house these days, so I’ll be snoozing away at 6 a.m. if the baby lets me.

Do you plan to watch? Are you related to any British royals? How’d you do on the quiz?

Later this week, I’ll post some resources to help you discover your royal roots.

Update: Geni shared this royal family tree (complete with longest-lived royals and other fun facts) with us. Have a look!