Second Life Residents Take Genealogy To a New Level

By Diane Haddad

Illya D’Addezio at Genealogy Today sent a note about his new Genealogy HUD for the virtual world Second Life (SL). The HUD (short for heads-up display) lets SL residents seamlessly use the genealogy search engine Live Roots from within SL.

SL is an online role-playing game in which residents have characters (avatars) that interact with each other, participate in group activities, travel, etc.

A child of the 80s, I hear “role-playing” and tend to think of Dungeons & Dragons—but this is more like, well, real life.

“Many people think SL is all about games and role playing, which there is plenty of,” D’Addezio says. “But there are also an increasing number of genealogists joining, dozens of genealogy content areas developing, and numerous voice chats taking place on a regular basis.”

Besides letting SL residents access Live Roots, the Genealogy HUD also helps them compile a list of surnames they’re researching to compare with other residents wearing the HUD. Learn more and get the HUD at Genealogy Today.

D’Addezio says he’s also building an interactive family history village where “SL visitors will be able to issue actual search queries to many of the Live Roots data partners from within SL, learn about different genealogy companies, purchase books, magazine subscriptions, etc.”