“Who Do You Think You Are?”: Angie Harmon To Trace Her American Revolution Roots

By Diane Haddad

After a whirlwind trip to Germany last week, this Sunday’s “Who Do You Think You Are?” stays close to home as actor Angie Harmon traces her indentured servant fifth-great-grandfather, Michael Harmon.

He served in the Revolutionary War at Valley Forge, mutinied in protest of the lack of pay, food and clothing; and eventually became a landowner in Kentucky. At the end of the show, Angie Harmon brings her daughters to visit that land and meets the cousin who owns it today.

The show airs Sunday, March 22, at 10 ET/9 Central on TLC.

You can get a sneak peek at the Angie Harmon “WDYTYA?” episode on the show’s website. Come back here on Monday for our “WDYTYA?” recap.