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Course sessions usually run four weeks, starting on Monday and ending on the fourth Friday. Workshops, unless otherwise specified, run for a week. We also have plenty of independent study courses as well, which you can start as soon as you register. See below for the full list.

Note: Schedule is subject to change based on instructor availability. New genealogy courses and workshops may be added in as they become available.
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Genealogy Courses You Can Start Anytime!

Get Started with Genealogy

Start your genealogy journey (or refresh your knowledge) with these beginner courses. Learn how to find records of your ancestors starting in your own home. Then, learn about online databases, get search tools and organization tips, and more. And if you’ve done a DNA test, you’ll want to have a tree linked so you and your matches can determine how you’re related. Learn how to set up your online family trees.
Trace Your Roots: Find Your Family Tree
Trace Your Roots: Search Tricks to Find Your Ancestors
Online Family Trees

Genealogy Records

Vital records include birth, marriage and death records. Combined with census records and immigration records, those make up “the big five.” These courses will help you find and use the records in your family history.
Using Birth Records
Marriage and Divorce Records
Using Death Records
Using Census Records
Making the Most of Immigration Records
Make the Most of Probate Records
Mastering Maps, Atlases and Gazetteers

Research Strategies and Tools

From researching specific areas and eras to using timelines, these genealogy courses will help you refine your search.
Using Y-DNA Testing in Your Genealogy Research
Doing Cemetery Research
Researching Colonial American Ancestors
Research Strategies to Beat Genealogy Brick Walls
Trace Your Female Ancestors
Genealogy and the Law
Using Timelines in Your Genealogy

Preservation and Organization Strategies

What do you do with all of your genealogy research? How do you preserve your family’s history in old photos and heirlooms? These online genealogy courses will help you put your research together.
Heirloom Rescue: How to Safely Archive, Store and Digitize Your Family’s Keepsakes
How to Restore Old Photos
Internet Privacy: Protecting Your Online Privacy

How Our Courses Work

4-week online genealogy courses

You will have four weeks in which the course is active so you can interact with your instructor and other students. Each course has discussion boards set up for that purpose. After that, the course will become read-only for a year*. During that time, you will continue to have access through your dashboard to the materials. You can also download the materials to your desktop for your own use both online and offline. Also, please note that there is no set schedule (unless otherwise specified). You can work at your own pace.

Online Workshops

Most workshops are active from 3 days to a week. Afterwards, the workshop will become read-only for a year* during which you will continue to have access through your dashboard. You can also download the materials to your desktop for your own use both online and offline.

Live genealogy webinars and events

You can work at your own pace within most workshops. However, some workshops contain scheduled elements, such as live webinars, keynotes or Q&As. Please note the times will be in Eastern Time unless otherwise stated. You must register separately for all live events. All live webinars are recorded and made available for download and viewing within 2-3 business days after the event.

For more information about Family Tree University online genealogy courses, please contact customer service at Otherwise, please continue to read for our registration policies.

*There may be some exceptions to this, which will be clearly indicated.

Registration Information for Genealogy Courses

In order to ensure equal access and maximum benefit to all Family Tree University students, the following policies will be strictly adhered to. Please read them carefully.

Online Course Schedules and Sizes

We advise registering early to secure your place. At our discretion, we may postpone, cancel or combine courses that do not have at least 10 students enrolled by the start date.

While we will make every attempt to adhere to posted schedules, we reserve the right to adjust dates, combine courses, or assign alternate instructors. We will notify all registered students of any changes or cancellations as soon as possible by email. If your course is canceled or rescheduled, you may request a transfer to another course or a full refund. No administrative fees will be assessed on refunds for courses canceled by us. For more information on our refund policy, please see below.

Registration Cut-off Date

Unless otherwise stated, the course registration cutoff will be five (5) calendar days after the first day of the class. For one-week workshops, it is the day after the workshop has started. Any course that appears on the schedule is open for registration. Registrations received after the cutoff date will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please keep in mind that students are responsible for acquiring any additional reading materials.

Cancellations and Refunds

We’re absolutely confident that you will enjoy and benefit from your online course experience. Your paid registration guarantees a place for you. However, because that place cannot be filled after the registration cut-off date, if circumstances do force you to withdraw, the following refund policies apply:

  • If you cancel before the start of the workshop, or if we cancel or reschedule, you are entitled to a full refund.
  • All materials are available from the start of the course and for a year after. Because of this policy, we cannot offer refunds after the start date. However, we’re happy to consider alternative arrangements, including transferring your registration to a different session.
  • We record live webinars and make them available within 2-3 business days after the event. Therefore, you will be able to obtain a copy of it to watch at your leisure, even if you must miss the live event.

You must notify us by email at to change or cancel a registration. Refund calculations will be based on the date/time the email is received by us. Your email message must include: your full name, registered email address (if different from the address you are emailing us from), and the name and date of the course you wish to un-enroll. Failure to submit assignments or “attend” the course DOES NOT constitute an official cancellation. Notifying the instructor will also not result in a withdrawal. You must contact our customer service team using the email address above.

Refunds take 4-6 weeks to process, and will only be given via the same form of payment you used when registering.

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