Preserve Old Photos of Your Family History

Preserve Old Photos of Your Family History

Preserve and Fix Old PhotosDo you have a bunch of old family photos sitting around somewhere? Going through them can be a blast from the past, but chances are, many of them are showing the wear and tear of time – no matter how much we try to care for them.

Preserving old photos that document your family history isn’t as difficult as it might seem, especially nowadays when we have photo apps and programs right at our fingertips.

Whether you have boxes and albums of old photos that are rotting away in a closet or you want to improve those cracked, faded and torn items from long ago, this free eBook will get you started. You’ll get tips that will tell you how to fix old photos that have suffered damage digitally, plus you’ll learn how to document your inventory of old family photos so you know exactly what you have on hand at a glance.


In this free eBook, you’ll get two Family Tree Magazine articles on how to restore photos, plus three forms: a photo inventory form, an heirloom photo digitizing checklist and an heirloom photo inventory form. These forms will keep your old photos organized and your preservation project on track.

Restore Photos with Ease

Plus, you’ll get an additional download of our video, Amateur Video Restoration. This video will offer you step-by-step guidance to fix old photos and preserve your family history digitally. You’ll see solutions to common problems, including how to restore faded and discolored photos, fix tears and creases, how to digitally remove mold, and more. Preserving old photos of your family history can be a big job, but we’re sure you’ll find it absolutely rewarding!

Want to learn more? Sign up for How to Restore Old Photos, a two-week class with Family Tree University. You can start anytime and download those materials to keep.