Family Detective

By Staff

At first glance, you might think your grandparents’ attic or basement is full of old junk. But grownups keep lots of interesting stuff in those places—including papers and “artifacts” with clues to your family history. Ready to go hunting for genealogical treasure? More >>

Every detective needs good informants to help crack a case. Who are the best informants for your family investigations? Older relatives, such as your grandparents, great-aunts or -uncles, even your parents’ older siblings. They can tell you their memories of your family from before you were born. More >>

Graveyards might make you think of Halloween or Scooby Doo. But to family detectives, graveyards aren’t spooky—they’re a great place to find family history clues. Find out what what to pack and what to look for on your trip. More >>

If your ancestors had left a time capsule, what would have been in it? Pick an ancestor from a time period you find interesting, and try to create a snapshot of his or her life. This is a good activity to do with your parents, grandparents or any relative who knows something about your family’s genealogy, so they can help you with information about your actual ancestors. More >>

Do you hate spelling tests? Maybe you should have lived centuries ago. Spelling wasn’t as important in our ancestors’ time as it is now—people wrote words and names however they sounded. That means your ancestors’ names won’t always be spelled the “right” way in documents. This activity will help you become a spelling sleuth. More >>