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By Staff

Genealogy Books for Parents and Teachers


Genealogy is a great way to get kids excited about history and help them connect with relatives. This page lists books especially for parents and teachers who are working with kids on family history-related projects. You also may be interested in our list of children’s book on genealogy, history and ethnic heritage.

  • Creating Junior Genealogists: Tips and Activities for Family History Fun by Karen Frisch (Ancestry Publishing, $12.95)
  • Kids and Kin: The Family History Research Vacation That Involves Kids by Patricia Suter and Corinne P. Earnest (R.D. Earnest Associates, out of print)
  • Links to the Past Through Genealogy: Curriculum Activities for the Classroom by Midge Frazel (Linworth Learning, $19.95)
  • One-Day Trips Through History, second edition, by Jane Ockershausen (Howell Press, $14.95): Heritage adventure ideas in the Washington, DC, region.
  • Your Travel Guide to Colonial America by Nancy Day (Lerner Publications, $7.95)
  • Youth in Family History by Starr Hailey Campbell (Creative Continuum, $14.95)