Celebrating Family History Month in October!

By Ashlee Peck

October is Family History Month! In 2001, Congress first passed a resolution to make that October Family History Month in the United States.  We’ve got some great ideas for ways to celebrate this year!

Celebrating Family History Month

Cooking Up History

If you’re looking for a group activity or something you can do with the kids, head to the kitchen! Dig up an old family recipe or one related to your family’s ethnic heritage.  Few things can bring people together they way that a good home-cooked meal can, and food is an excellent way to get a better understanding of a culture or time in history. If you don’t have an heirloom recipe book to consult, look up some traditional dishes from your ancestors’ countries of origin.

If you’re still feeling inspired, you could always bake a Family History Month cake, or head over to this page and get to work creating a family cookbook.

October is also celebrates Polish, German, and Italian heritage, so bring on the schnitzel, kielbasa, and homemade pasta noodles!

Head to an Event

Family History Month is acknowledged with meaningful events throughout the month, which can be found in most areas. Websites such as host full schedules of events being hosted across the country. The events are curated by the National Funeral Directors Association and the Funeral Service Foundation, and merge together the importance of sharing and capturing family stories, which inspires families and communities to connect in real and meaningful ways.

Get on Social Media

Sites such as Instagram and Facebook are a fun way to share your photos and genealogy discoveries with friends and family. Take some time to share images of ancestors this month, along with a bit of information that you’ve found surrounding the family member or the event pictured. You may even inspire someone to begin on their own ancestry research journey!

Start a Journal

If you don’t currently journal or a way that you’re recording your life story, Family History Month is a great time to get started. You can grab a blank notebook, or pick up a workbook such as Story of my Life, with prompts help you record and share your most memorable moments, preserving your life and times for years to come. If you’d like to start a little smaller, simple sheets such as this Questions for a Life Story document can be a great place to begin recording your personal history.

Get Crafty

Use copies of old photos and records, along with genealogical information you’ve gathered, for one of these crafty family history projects. Time and skill requirements range from quick and easy to more involved.

It’s a great month for genealogy. Enjoy!