Genealogy News Corral, Dec. 16-19

By Diane Haddad

This genealogy update is coming to you a day early because I’m looking forward to a little time off to spend with the family over the holidays (and I’m hoping to squeeze in a library visit for some genealogy research):

  • The Lincoln Library, the public library of Springfield, Ill., signed a deal with NewsBank to offer patrons a digital archive of the Illinois State Journal and Illinois State Register from 1831 through 1950. You can access the archive at the Lincoln Library, or online with a library card.

  • The Board for Certification of Genealogists (BCG) has issued Genealogy Standards, a 100-page manual for best practices in genealogy research. This revision updates and reorganizes the original 2000 edition of The BCG Genealogical Standards Manual. The 83 standards cover the process of researching family history and the finished products of the research