New Live Roots Tools Manage Your Genealogy Research Projects

By Diane Haddad

Genealogy Today enhanced its Live Roots genealogy metasearch site—one of our 101 Best Web sites for genealogy in 2009—with tools that help you manage your research projects.

We told you a bit about these about last month. The new tools will help you keep track of resources you turn up using Live Roots, as well as your offline searches.

For the site to remember your research information, you first need a free Team Roots membership. Then you can use the project management tools via four new buttons that appear throughout the site:

  • Follow: bookmarks resources
  • Comment: lets you comments on resources
  • Record: keep a research log of Live Roots and other searches
  • Share: e-mail notices about resources to friends and family

You can create as many projects as you want—say, one for your mom’s grandfather, who seems to have disappeared between 1885 and 1900; another for your dad’s paternal line in New England; a third for your spouse’s Missouri family; and so on. Within each project, you can track your:

  • Recent Activity: a running history of your interaction with Live Roots features
  • Ancestor Notecards: profiles of your brick wall ancestors, which remain are accessible throughout Live Roots (so you don’t have to retype the name every time you search)
  • Related Resources: items you’ve “followed”, so you can quickly revisit them; you can search across the transcriptions you’ve followed
  • Research History: your research log
  • Personal Library: catalog your own private collection
  • Research Notepad: a simple way record miscellaneous genealogy notes, such as a to-do list or the phone number for the library in Granddad’s hometown
  • External Resources: lets you configure links to your research activities on other sites, such Flickr or Twitter

See more information on Live Roots’ new project management tools here.