Ancestor Mystery Photos: Unidentified Kids

By Maureen A. Taylor

Thank you for all the pictures of your ancestors’ cute kids!

prichard21-A- Josie Powell  Nannie Wilsonedit.jpg
These little girls are named Josie Powell and Nannie Wilson. Don’t you love their identical outfits? They are in a photo album owned by Gwen Prichard. She’s trying to establish a relationship between them. Perhaps their mothers were friends? The two girls are even the same height.


Candace Buchanan emailed this lovely trio dressed for winter. The boy in the middle wears attire from his family’s cultural background. Buchanan bought the image at an auction and only knows that it was taken in Waynesburg, Pa. Is the dog real or a stuffed prop? It looks a bit unnatural to me.


This unhappy little fellow (look at that expression) posed with hat in hand in the 1860s. Bonnie Bybee-Bolster isn’t sure if he from her Young or her Brown family line. The families lived in Baraboo/Delton, Wis.

Another 1860s pose. You can see the brace at this girl’s feet. I love the fact that she holds a parasol. Rachel Pierce bought this image because of the little girl’s shoes. Unfortunately, the photo is completely unidentified.

cute kids1edit.jpg
Shelley Baumeister isn’t sure who the child is wearing an oversized collar in this photo. She thinks the child is a girl. I think she’s right because of the center part in her hairstyle. This photo was passed down through Shelley’s maternal line. This child posed in 1887 in Dubuque, Iowa.

I’ll be back next week with more photos of children. My inbox is full of gorgeous images.

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