Fathers and Sons from Readers

By Maureen A. Taylor

Last week I wrote about two famous fathers and asked you to submit photos of fathers and sons in your family album. Thank you very much for sending in your photos!

fatherHans C  S  Hegstededit.jpg
Geraldine Rudloff emailed this photograph of her immigrant ancestor Hans Christian S. Hegsted holding one of his children. She’s not sure if this is the first born son who died in Denmark at age 3 or one born later on. Hans immigrated in 1865.

fatherDalton Evan Alma  Stutz Bearcat-edit.jpg

Proud Papa Dalton Godfrey posed seated on the running board of his 1918 Stutz Bearcat with his two youngest children, Evan and Alma. When this picture was taken in 1922 the family lived in Joplin, Missouri. Gwen Prichard thinks her 16 year old father took the photo of his father and siblings.

father1904Pauledit02 (2).jpg

Carol Jacobs Norwood sent in two pictures. This one and the one below. Both were taken in Germany.

In this 1904 photo her 4 year old grandfather Paul Emil Helmuth Drömer poses with his 43 year old father Theodor Albert Gustav Drömer. She believes it was taken in Potsdam, Germany.


This casual portrait captures Carol’s great-grandfather Dr. Hermann Theodor Simon with his youngest son, Gerhard Hermann Simon (born 1903). It was likely taken in 1904 at their family home in Göttingen, Germany. Gerhard’s life took an unpleasant turn during World War II. While serving in the war, he was taken prisoner later starved to death in 1946 in a Russian POW camp.

Over the years Carol Norwood and Gwen Prichard have shared many of her family pictures in this blog. If you’d like to see others type Gwen or Carol’s names into the search box in the left hand column below the “categories” links.

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