Holiday Photos from Your Family Albums

By Maureen A. Taylor

Thank you to Kim Dawson, Carol Norwood and Fran Jensen for sending in holiday photos from their family albums.


Kim Dawson sent me this lovely photo of a family with their Christmas tree. The child is Elsie Marion Quakenbush (born 1908). She’s posed with her mother Ella Baird Quakenbush and her father, Alfred Garfield Quakenbush. On the back it says “To Grandma with love from us all don’t fail to see Elsie’s baby doll it looks just like a baby.” I enlarged the picture to look at the doll.

It is pretty life-like. It looks like Elsie also received a book “Sing a Song of Sixpence” and a tea set. Her parent’s are proudly posed with a new Victrola so perhaps that was their Christmas present. Elsie looks about 6 or 7.

Kim thinks that Alfred’s brother George Willis Quackenbush took the photo. He was a photographer in Oxford, New York.

Carol Norwood submitted an image of her parent’s Bill and Cita Jacobs. They are sitting under the tree at Cita’s parents home in Hartford, Connecticut. The Jacobs were still newlyweds. They were married three months prior to Christmas.


Fran Jensen emailed me this charming studio shot of four children. Her grandfather, John Roy Tolve Johansen is on the right. His sister Alma sits next to him. She’s hugging a china faced doll. The other boy and girl are the Bough’s who were the photographer’s children. It was taken in Ringsted, Iowa.

Here’s one more picture. This is one from my non-family collection.
I don’t know the identify of these two boys, but on the back it says “Christmas 1898.” Don’t you just love their modified Little Lord Fauntleroy suits.

Happy Holidays! If you want to see more Christmas trees, I have a short video on my Vimeo channel.

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