How to Submit Photos for Free Analysis

By Maureen A. Taylor

Each week, I receive mail from folks hoping I’ll feature their photographs in this blog. It’s no secret that I love looking at your family photos, but identification is a collaborative effort. The more you can tell me about the picture, the better the odds of our identifying the people in it. A photo attached to an e-mail with the basic query, “Who’s in this picture?” is one that’s apt to remain a mystery. Here’s some helpful things to send in your note:

  • Are there any family stories associated with the picture?
  • If you have a tentative identification, do you know those person’s life dates? That one detail can help me eliminate or confirm the fact within minutes.
  • Who owned it? Any information about past owners of the picture can help. For instance does your great-uncle Joe remember seeing the photo at his parent’s house?

Don’t forget to send me your complete contact information, including telephone number. I can’t tell you how many times I write back to someone only to never receive a reply to my e-mail. If I need to quickly confirm a few facts I might call as a follow-up.

For instructions on the photo’s file format (such as JPG or TIF) and resolution, as well as where to send it, see our photo submission guidelines.

Thank you for your help!