It’s a Family Reunion

By Maureen A. Taylor

Have you ever been to a family reunion? I’m writing this from my husband’s reunion. It’s an every-other-year event that’s been held since the mid-20th century. There’s a lot of debate about when the first one was held.

Here are two observations:

  • The coordinator is an energetic cousin who plans activities and dinners. She’s also become involved with creating a family website. What’s interesting is that she doesn’t consider herself a genealogist. I disagree: iPad in hand, she’s busy interviewing family members about past generations to put the information online. Yup … you guessed it, she’s collecting photos, too. The site isn’t live yet, but based on her enthusiasm, it will be soon. Can’t wait to see what she’s created!
  • Family history is everywhere. Whether it’s a wedding that happened two weeks ago or figuring out when everyone first got together, there’s a lot of history being collected. It’s also being made everyday. Another cousin chronicles each reunion. She creates an album for every event with the photographs sent to her afterward. Each album is a time capsule.

If you’ve been to a reunion (or are planning one) can you comment below and share with readers ideas for photo-related activities to incorporate? We take a family photo at each reunion and snap lots of pictures. What have you done at your reunion?

Reunions magazine has a great website. Click any tab and you’ll find suggestions for planning a reunion, activities for young and old, and details on sharing the pictures later. The resort where our event is held has a Pinterest site so guests can share photos they’ve posted. Reunions magazine also has a Pinterest page with dozens of boards. There are family history related t-shirt ideas, invitations, illustrated family trees and more.

I’m off to fill biodegradable water balloons for the traditional water balloon fight. Back next week with a family history photo mystery!

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