It’s Confession Time: Developing Old Film

By Maureen A. Taylor

Kelly posted a question to the Forum in February about developing old film.She found a camera with film in it from the 1960s and her camera shop sent it out for processing.

It’s confession time. This is your chance to sound-off in the Forum about film you’ve forgotten to develop. Not the snapshots you took at the wedding last summer, but your pictures several decades old. My Mom just gave me a small bag full of undeveloped movie film from my childhood!

If you’re a hoarder and can’t bear to part with a roll of undeveloped film, don’t despair. There is hope! Rocky Mountain Photo Labs specializes in processing old still and moving picture film. All films are batch processed which means you might have to wait months, like Kelly, to get your order back. Rocky Mountain Photo Labs can’t guarantee the quality of images produced from the old rolls in your attic due to aging issues.

You’ll have to take a chance that the price and wait might be worth it. Who knows what family history photo treasures are on that roll? I’ll bet you can’t remember. 🙂 My Mom can’t either.