Men’s Neckwear in Old Photos (From My Mailbag)

By Maureen A. Taylor

In this era of digital imaging, it seems like everyone has a scanner. That’s not entirely true, which is why the submission guidelines for this column, “How to Submit Your Photo” includes a mailing address. You can send me a letter and a copy of a photograph (NO originals, please) and possibly see your photo featured in this space.

Barbie Clements sent in this picture.


She found it in her great-grandmother’s photos. There’s no caption on the back. Her question: “Can you tell me the approximate time period and if he is wearing a preacher’s collar?”

In the 1880s, men wore their ties under their shirt collars. Tight fitting jackets were the style for men in that decade. While this man’s neckwear has the appearance of a clerical collar, you can see part of his tie right above the top button of his jacket.

Next week, I’ll be back with another photo from my mailbag.

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