Mind-Bending Mystery Photo Revisted

By Maureen A. Taylor

Over a year ago I wrote about this headache-causing mystery photo owned by a husband and wife, Art and Pam Crawford, who claimed the couple pictured as relatives. The problem was that Art and Pam each identified this couple as different people. Are they members of the Jones family or are they Crawfords?


You can read about in the two installment story, Mind Bending Mystery and
Mind Bending Mystery part 2.

In the second post, I dug further into the story and the picture, eliminating Thomas Jefferson Jones and Mary Jane Williams as possibilities.

Now another Crawford family member has come forward to claim the pair. Agnes Crawford is pretty certain that this photo depicts Nathaniel Crawford and Lois Viola Henley. Nathaniel died in 1937.

Agnes has a snapshot of the couple:

This picture has been in her family for years. I’m hoping for more information. Both Art and Agnes say Nathaniel and Lois are their grandparents.

This is a good example of how photos spread through family connections. Photos trickle down in families based on which family members remain close. I’m hoping to introduce Art to his cousin. Maybe she has more family photos!

Another mystery remains: How did Pam’s family come to have a copy and think that this couple were members of their clan?

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