More Family Photos of Ancestral Children

By Maureen A. Taylor

Last week I showcased your photos of ancestral children and this week it’s a second installment.


This little guy is Sandra Jerome’s grandfather, Ralph Frederick Jerome. He was born September 7, 1894 in Jordan, Scott County, Minnesota. He’s wearing attire approximate for boys less than 5–a skirt. It’s paired with a short jacket and a wide collared shirt. A cute hat sits on his head. He doesn’t seem old enough to be able to ride the photographer’s tricycle prop. It was likely taken circa 1899.

Jennie Youngedit.jpg

Can you spot the school photos in your family album? They usually look something like this. This 1899 photo depicts 11 year old Jennie Young. She’s Bonnie Bolster’s great aunt.

The boy in the front row holds a sign–Coral School District no. 1 May 27, 1898. The children wear a wide array of styles popular in that period. The flags in the background are likely for Memorial Day.

Thank you for sharing pictures of your ancestors as children! I’m off to NGS in Cincinnati, Ohio. Please stop by my booth 712 and say hello.

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