Multi-Generation Portraits

By Maureen A. Taylor

It’s Thanksgiving! If you’re planning a family gathering and are wondering how to keep folks occupied until the meal is ready, try getting them to chat about family photos. It doesn’t matter if they are identified images or a group of mystery pics. I’ll be taking out a box of snapshots, setting up my digital tape recorder and hopefully capturing some “new” memories. Images can trigger all types of memories relating to the people depicted, not just the story of that photographic moment. Try it and see.

Mary Lutz Govertsen sent in a complicated multi-generational photo of several generations of her family. She’s hoping that I can compare it to another of her images and identify the date and the people. Isn’t it lovely?


On the back it says “4 generations: Granny [Mary Ruth Godwin, the baby], her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.” In the photo are the two Brown sisters who, due to marriage and disparate ages, are Mary Govertsen’s grandmother’s grandmother and great-grandmother.

Family trees are full of twists and turns. Mary’s family is a little more complicated. Her family moved from Tazewell, Va., to Missouri; due to multiple re-marriages and inter-marriages everyone is related. This is a family tree that I can’t wait to see.

It’s a beautiful family photo that’s sure to inspire some great family stories. I’ll be back next week with more details on the group and the other image. If you have a multi-generational photo, I’d love to see it and feature it in this blog. The How to Submit Your Photo link provides details on how to send me your picture.

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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