Storytelling Pictures

By Maureen A. Taylor

You never know what you’re going to find in a family photo collection. If you have an odd picture, please send it along. You can email it to me.

Dario X. Musso sent me a lovely family photo:

Seated on the right side is Nikita Radionov. Dario’s grandmother is next to him. This photo of the Radionov family was taken circa 1919.

The curious part of Dario’s family collection isn’t this image, it’s the series of photos taken of Nikita’s funeral in 1929. He was dragged to death by a horse.



I’ve shown you two of the four images Dario submitted. From the size of the crowds at this funeral, it appears that both family and townspeople attended this event.

Photos like this are an opportunity: I’d scan the faces to find other relatives. It might end up being the only known image of a particular person.

  1. Start with the front row and the pallbearers. Those individuals are likely family members or close friends.
  2. Compare the faces in the family group portrait with the individuals at the funeral.

If you had relatives living near the Radionov family in Russia, then you might find your family represented as well. I’ll double-check the location with Dario and publish that next week.

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