Haunting Ancestral Cemeteries: Family Tree Magazine Podcast Episode 77

By Family Tree Editors

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In this episode:

Your Host: Lisa Louise Cooke

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News from the Blogosphere with Genealogy Insider Diane Haddad

Diane Haddad
Diane discusses FamilySearch/GenealogyBank obituaries partnership:

Top Tips: Cemetery Research Dos and Don’ts

Lisa chats with Allison cemetery research dos and don’ts.

Allison’s Recommendations:
•    Go online to see what’s already available and then plan your visit
•    Pack for your outdoor activity! Camera, Sunscreen, Umbrella, Layered clothes, Map of the Cemetery, note taking tools, mirror, water, bug spray
•    Ask in the Cemetery office for a map
•    Be respectful and observe cemetery rules

Download the Cemetery Transcription Form.

Lisa’s suggestion: ?Use Google Earth to plot out the cemeteries you plan to visit <http://www.earth.google.com>
Grave Transformations Video 

Tutorial Article: Gravestone Photo-Editing by Lisa Louise Cooke

•    Go alone. Bring a helper with you.
•    Be careless around unstable and fragile stones
•    Put shaving cream on a tombstone. Water is OK.


101 Best Websites: BillionGraves

About our guest Hudson Gunn, President of BillionGraves <http://www.billiongraves.com>: Hudson graduated from Utah Valley University with a BS in Business Management and Entrepreneurship. Over the last several years, he has created several technology geared toward connecting families and making genealogy easier to a larger audience through mobile technology.   He has been awarded Student Entrepreneur of the Year and Best Small Business.  As President of BillionGraves, he utilizes this leading technology to preserve the world’s headstones one picture at a time.

Family Tree University: Analyzing Ancestral Tombstones

Genealogy author and instructor Diana Crisman Smith explains how to find clues in the tombstones of your ancestors in the video class Analyzing Ancestral Tombstones
Other Resources Mentioned: <http://www.graveaddiction.com>

From the Publisher’s Desk

Allison Dolan
Publisher Allison Dolan tells you how to get the perfect tombstone rubbing.
Materials You’ll Need: Butcher paper or interfacing fabric, wax
Top Tips:

  1. Be sure to ask permission first!
  2. Don’t do a tombstone rubbing on an unstable stone.
  3. Use your common sense.
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