Online Genealogy Hints & Hacks: Episode 81

By Family Tree Editors

This month’s theme is Online Genealogy Hints and Hacks. We talk about tips for sites from Google to Facebook to

Ep. 81: February 2015

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In this episode:

News from the Blogosphere with Diane Haddad

Diana Haddad who will share how a quick Google search can boost your family history.

Top Tips: Genealogy Websites Guide

Diane discusses her five favorite search tips from the genealogy websites guide in the March/April 2015 issue of Family Tree Magazine.

101 Best Websites: Crowdsourcing on Facebook

We dig into Facebook strategies for genealogy with Shannon Combs-Bennett, presenter of Jumpstart Your Genealogy with Social Media. She talks about the benefits of genealogical crowdsourcing on Facebook.

Family Tree University: Become a Power User

Online Editor Tyler Moss is here to share tips from Family Tree University’s upcoming course, Become a Power User.

The Publisher’s Desk with Allison Dolan

Lisa and Allison discuss Evernote research resources from Family Tree Magazine.

Your Host: Lisa Louise Cooke

Lisa Louise Cooke

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Have fun climbing your family tree!