Sharing Family History for the Holidays: Family Tree Magazine Podcast Episode 114

By Lisa Louise Cooke


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Family Tree September Podcast Episode 112

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In This Episode

Family Tree Magazine November Podcast 2017 Lisa Louise Cooke

  • News from the Blogosphere: How to Create a Family History Book for the Holidays
  • Top Tips: Creating a Family History Book
  • 101 Best Websites: Share your Family History
  • Family Tree University Crash Course: Involving Your Family in DNA Testing
  • Publisher’s Desk

Your Host: Lisa Louise Cooke

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Top Tips

Writer and professional genealogist Shelley Bishop provides tips for creating a family history book that’s perfect for sharing and gift giving. Read Shelley’s Premium article An Open Book: Creating Family History Books.




David Fryxell

101 Best Websites

Contributing editor David A. Fryxell talks about Treelines, a website geared to helping you share your family history.

View all of our 101 Best Genealogy Websites



Family Tree University Crash Course

Family Tree University instructor Shannon Combs Bennett provides strategies for getting your family involved in DNA testing. Get more information on Shannon’s Analyze Your DNA workshop.




Diane Haddad

News from the Blogosphere with Diane Haddad


Diane tackled a family history book project last year. Read her five tips for making the project meaningful and manageable.