3 Vintage Thanksgiving Photo Stories To Be Thankful For

3 Vintage Thanksgiving Photo Stories To Be Thankful For

These 3 sweet photos tell the tale of traditional Thanksgiving.

1. A Thanksgiving meal from farm to table 

This photo connects us to our ancestors. For years I visited a turkey farm to purchase the main course of the meal. How about you?

Our ancestors either shot one, took one from their own poultry stock or bought one in a setting like this.

They were also available in city butcher shops. The Bain News Agency took this image circa 1900-1910. It’s a great everyday scene captured by them for a newspaper. Read more about this photo here.

2. Doing mother’s Thanksgiving shopping.

This little girl is delighted with her Thanksgiving turkey but I’m not sure how I would have felt about carrying home a turkey complete with feet and head. Shudder! A lot has changed in our Thanksgiving prep.  
In addition to the turkey in this picture are a lot of clothing clues for the period. Take a good look at the girl’s legs. She’s wearing long leggings beneath her dress to keep her legs warm. Read on to find other clues in this photo.

3. Thanksgiving Day Masquerade

It’s easy to be confused by this photo from the Library of CongressIt’s a group of children dressed in costume, but the photographer labeled it “Thanksgiving.”  
The signage in the window advertising a traditional Thanksgiving meal of turkey, sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce (for 40 cents!) supports the caption. So what’s going on? 

According to Greg Young, author of the Bowery Boys: New York City History blog and podcast, this dress-up once was part of a Thanksgiving event. Read more about Thanksgiving masquerades.

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