6 Vintage Photos of Fantastic Facial Hair

6 Vintage Photos of Fantastic Facial Hair

Leave the clippers on the shelf. For No-Shave November, we take a look back at some of our ancestor's best facial hair.

This November, men across the country will take part in the annual No-Shave November campaign to raise awareness about prostate and testicular cancers.

By the end of the month, some participants’ beards and mustaches may resemble the looks some of our readers’ ancestors rocked in the olden days.

 1. 90 years behind this fantastic beard

A local newspaper reported that Joel J. Evans, pictured here around his 90th birthday, was the longest-living (and longest-bearded?) Civil War veteran in Lonoke County, Ark. Submitted by reader Holly Evans of Waverly, Wash.

2. A mustache worthy of a twirl.

3. Father to 25 children, but still has time to groom one awesome beard

Benjamin Franklin Blanton married twice, fathering 25 children—and one awesome beard—in his 97 years. Submitted by reader Preston L. King, via email.

4. Hats off to these chops.

This photo shows Henry Horan, a superintendent for over 20 years. Submitted by Therese DeSanto

5. A ‘stache worthy of respect

Marceli Remishevski was a general in the Russian army, where he commanded men—and facial hair. Submitted by Mantvydas Juozapavicius, via email.

A version of this article ran in the October/November 2015 issue of Family Tree Magazine

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