8 Truly Gag-Worthy Vintage Recipes 

8 Truly Gag-Worthy Vintage Recipes 

I need someone to explain to me why people kept putting meat into Jell-o.

1. A festive Miracle Whip and meat appetizer.

No, that is not actually a haystack. That is ham, covered in Miracle Whip, covered in almonds. Not sure if the fork is there to imitate a farmer’s fork or if this delicacy is meant to be eaten by one person. 

2. Actually, just put Miracle Whip on everything.

Because only Miracle Whip can make pears taste so good.  Image via

3. Cottage Cheese Tuna Salad… in gelatin.

I don’t trust any cow that tells me to combine cottage cheese with lime gelatin. I just don’t. Image via.

4. “Ah” Inspiring Spam and Lima Beans

Those “Ah”‘s are actually quiet cries of terror from your party guests. Image via

5. Pour a can of peas over your cauliflower and ham salad. 

The definition of salad has really changed over the years. Image via.

6. Put the whole salad inside the Jell-O.  

There is nothing inviting about this. Image via

7. Tenderoni, for when you can’t decide between spaghetti and macaroni.

It’s not a good sign when a food advertises itself as “not dough-y”.

8. Delight your buffet guests with layers of fish.

At least the fish has a cute mustache, right? Image via.

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