AncestorNews: Start with Small Projects

By Nancy Hendrickson Premium

True or false: Putting together a family Web site carries the same challenge as writing a family genealogy.

Answer: False!

A genealogy Web site—much like our genealogy research itself—is a work in progress. So why wait until you’ve completed your research to begin building your site? Have fun with small projects.

In putting together Web pages for my own family, I discovered that I do best when I tackle one small project at a time. I don’t try to put up a site that covers the broad spectrum of all my family lines. Instead, I concentrate on a tiny segment that I think is interesting. I’ve even posted pages that chronicle the lives of my cats!

Sample project ideas:

  • Photos from a recent genealogy trip
  • Headstone photos from one cemetery
  • Obituaries on one of your family lines
  • Trinkets and other collectibles from your grandmother
  • A map showing the places your family lived
  • Images of your great-grandfather’s military records
  • Pictures of your female ancestors

If you don’t want a steep learning curve, sign up for a free Web site. Some of them even have genealogical templates to use in designing your page.

Here’s where to find a free host for your site:

&#149 Yahoo! Geocities

&#149 Tripod

&#149 FreeServers

&#149 Top Cities