AncestorNews: WWII Ancestors

AncestorNews: WWII Ancestors

Learn about your not-so-distant ancestors' experiences in World War II.

I get so caught up in searching for long-ago ancestors that I rarely take time to research anything about my immediate family. However, I recently ran across a Web site that reminded me of the incredible history surrounding the lives of our World War II ancestors.

My dad was a late-entry into the war because he had a job that put him in an exempt status. However, he eventually became a member of Company C, 328th Infantry. He joined on May 5, 1944, was quickly trained and sent to Europe. On Nov. 26, he was wounded from shell fragments while stationed in France. I have a lot of his paperwork, but have never delved into any details about his service. I know he received a European Theater Ribbon with one Battle Star, as well as a Purple Heart. I also know he came home aboard the Queen Mary.

My dad passed away several years ago, so anything I learn about his World War II service will have to come through other avenues of research. Thanks to the Internet, there are many, many sites devoted to information about World War II. I know I will find much.

One site I found is called Dad’s War: Finding and Telling Your Father’s World War II Story. It’s crammed with great suggestions on how to find out more about your dad’s service and experience. If your ancestor was a World War II vet, be sure to stop by and check out this page.

Other World War II sites:

• American Battle Monuments Commission

• Indiana World War II Servicemen Database

• National Personnel Records Center, Military Personnel Records

• Interactive USS Arizona Memorial

• World War II

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