Archaic Words Toolkit

By Maureen A. Taylor Premium

Web Sites

? Reference


? History of the English Language


? Merriam Webster’s Inkwell to Internet


? Online Dictionaries, Glossaries and Encyclopedias


? Oxford English Dictionary Word of the Day

< display/wotd>

? Questia

<>: A subscription-based library of books, articles and encyclopedias.


<>: Hosts an online version of the American Heritage Dictionary.


?A to Zax: A Comprehensive Dictionary for Genealogists and Historians by Barbara Jean Evans (Hearthside Press)

? Ancestry’s Concise Genealogical Dictionary compiled by Maurine Harris and Glen Harris (Ancestry)

? Colonial American English: A Glossary by Richard M. Lederer (Verbatim)

?Forgotten English by Jeffrey Kacirk (Quill)

?The Language of the Civil War by John D. Wright (Oryx Press)

?The Merriam-Webster New Book of Word Histories (Merriam-Webster)

?A New Law Dictionary: Containing an Exposition of the Mere Terms of Art, and Such Obsolete Words As Occur in Old Legal, Historical and Antiquarian Writers by James Whishaw (Lawbook Exchange)

?Oxford English Dictionary (Oxford University Press): Available in several editions, including a CD-ROM, at various prices. Consult <> or check online booksellers.

? Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang (Random House)

? Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary (Walker and Co.)

? What Did They Mean by That: A Dictionary of Historical Terms for Genealogists by Paul Drake (Heritage Books)

? The Word Museum: The Most Remarkable English Words Ever Forgotten by Jeffrey Kacirk (Touchstone)

? Word Origins: An Explanation and History of Words and Language by Wilfred Funk (Random House)

 From the April 2004 Family Tree Magazine