Archival Resouce Roundup: Chart-Making Resources

By Family Tree Editors Premium

? Association for the Calligraphic Arts <>: This group’s directory features calligraphers located all over the world, some of whom specialize in creating hand-lettered family tree charts.

?Chartform Delivery <>: Make a chart using almost any genealogy software, send the file to Wholly Genes, and have it printed and shipped for $20 to $70, depending on size.

?Charting Companions <>: Create ancestor, descendant, hourglass, fan and bow-tie charts on Ancestral Quest, Ancestry Family Tree and Legacy Family Tree with these add-ons. $19.95 download or $24.95 CD-ROM.

?Family <>: With information you provide, Family can custom-design charts up to 3×10 feet, and can include up to 99 generations. Its standard six-generation ancestor chart costs $45, and the exclusive six-generation Family Immigrant Tree costs $85.

?Fun Stuff for Genealogists <>: Fun Stuff for Genealogists’ online store carries various preprinted family tree charts.

?Gen-Chart <>: Submit your data one of three ways, and have Gen-Chart create and print either a 20×26-inch chart for $19.95 or a 26×36-inch chart for $29.95.

?Genelines <>: Create timelines and put your family history in a broader historical context with this add-on program for Windows. Download for $29.95 or get the CD-ROM for $34.95.

?Heritage Family Tree <>: Choose from 10 backgrounds, four chart forms and three sizes for the data you’ve entered into’s Online Family Tree. Each chart costs $19.99.

?Kinko’s <>: This nationwide copy-shop chain can print and bind your family history book for about $25.

?PAF Companion <>: With this $13.50 add-on, you can enhance your Personal Ancestral File charts, build narrative reports and additional charts, and search for matches in the Pedigree Resource File database of compiled genealogies.

?Paper Tree <>: Hand-colored family tree charts showing between four and eight generations can be filled in by hand. The charts are available in more than 200 designs and cost $12.50 to $26 each.

?The Tree Maker <>: This company offers 10 chart styles, which you can buy blank or customized with your family names. Prices start at $6.95.

From the May 2004 Preserve Your Family History