Auto Biographies

By Allison Dolan Premium


Memoir writers have lots of help these days, from fill-in journals to inspirational Web sites. Technophiles can add another tool to their cache: BioMemoirs <> software.

This program aids not in the mechanics of writing, but those of preserving your life history. You won’t find lots of bells and whistles, just a basic formula for recording your story.

BioMemoirs’ template is a 10-chapter chronology based on creator Mark Stienecker’s own autobiography, which the program offers as a sample. You can stick with the predefined chapters (“Life in My 20s,” for example) or create your own; you can also add extra chapters. If you follow the chronological format, the program provides writing prompts.

In addition to narrative, your life story can incorporate Favorites Lists — your top five picks on 25 subjects such as foods and books, or other topics you specify. It also includes a three-generation Family Tree, but you’re better off sticking with your genealogy software to record this information.

BioMemoirs’ best feature isn’t part of the software itself — it’s what you can do with the finished product. The company offers traditional bookbinding, in either leather or hardcover. Or you can opt for multimedia memoirs: An audio book combines a narration of your story, historical recordings, your favorite songs and sound effects. A CD-ROM splices your story with pictures and video footage. For details, call toll-free (866) 550-3335.

The software requires a 166MHz processor, Windows 95 or higher, 32MB RAM and 100MB hard disk space.

From the August 2002 issue of Family Tree Magazine