Battlefields Have a Fighting Chance

By Crystal Conde Premium


On Oct. 1, 2002, the US House of Representatives passed legislation that will aid in the preservation of thousands of acres of historic land. The Civil War Battlefield Preservation Act of 2002 allots $10 million a year to safeguard and maintain the sites of some of America’s bloodiest and most memorable battles. California Rep. Gary G. Miller introduced the bill, which passed unanimously in the House. “I believe by preserving history, we teach future generations not only where we are from, but also what we are about and where we are heading,” Miller says. “These battlefields are living classrooms to remind future generations of our national history.” A bill similar to the Civil War Battlefield Preservation Act of 2002 is pending in the Senate. For updates and more about the impact of this act, visit the Civil War Preservation Trust’s Web site at <>.

From the February 2003 issue of Family Tree Magazine.