Best Cemetery and Directory Sites for Genealogy in 2016

Best Cemetery and Directory Sites for Genealogy in 2016

Use these genealogy databases to find your ancestors in cemeteries, city directories, and other records. 

These 4 cemetery and directory genealogy websites are powerful tools. They’re perfect for a genealogist whose family is spread all over the nation (or even the globe). For further help understanding what you may find on these websites, sign up for Tricks and Treats in Death Records Crash Course.

1. Billion Graves

GPS-tagging smartphone apps make this growing gravesite collection the most futuristic way to find people from the past.

2. Find A Grave

Now boasting more than 145 million grave records spanning the globe, this easy-to-search site is your first stop for finding ancestors’ final destinations.

3. ☆ Online Historical Directories

Miriam J. Robbins, who maintains a similar guide to online historical newspapers, is tackling the task of creating a directory of city and other directories, with links. Directories cover places in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland and Thailand. You can learn more and follow her progress at her blog.

4. World Vital Records $

Now owned by MyHeritage, this subscription site ($89.99 per year, which also includes access to records on MyHeritage) searches not only vital records, but also US and UK censuses, military records, newspapers and more.

Find out the other 101 best genealogy websites for 2016.   


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