9 Best Genealogy Gift Ideas That Go Beyond DNA Tests

By Family Tree Editors Premium

Shopping for genealogy gifts for an avid family historian (or even making a wish list for yourself) can be a challenge. DNA test kit? Records access memberships? Been there, done that. But don’t sigh and settle for that “I Seek Dead People” bumper sticker just yet. We’ve gathered 10 must-haves for the holiday season. From DNA-personalized gear to archival supplies to an interview subscription, there are plenty of ideas for the genealogy buffs on your list (yourself included).

1. MyHeritage + Project Life Family Discovery Kit

MyHeritage and Project Life have teamed up to offer this beautiful gift set. It’s the ideal gift for It’s a great gift for yourself, or anyone you’d like to get to take a DNA test or create a family album (or both!).

The kit includes:

  • MyHeritage/Project Life scrapbook
  • MyHeritage DNA kit
  • 3 months of FREE access to
  • Customized page inserts
  • Project Life decorative cards
  • Keepsake box
  • Scented candles

2. Unofficial Guide to + Unofficial Guide to Workbook

Unofficial Guide to and workbook cover images.

Whether new to the family history hobby or a longtime subscriber, this book (and accompanying workbook) will turn the reader into an power user! The Unofficial Guide to features:

  • Timesaving tips for uncovering specific records, time periods and topics
  • Details on’s historical record collections
  • Step-by-step guides for creating and managing your family tree on
  • Plain-language strategies for using your AncestryDNA results

If the book is going on your list, be sure to include the workbook as well! Written as an accompanying how-to manual, the Unofficial Guide to Workbook details how to plan searches and apply practices outlined in the book. It also includes:

  • Expert advice on how to use the seven most important record groups
  • Step-by-step case studies
  • Fill-in worksheets and forms

3. StoryWorth subscription

A subscription to StoryWorth makes it easy to write a memoir using one inspiring story prompt each week. How does it work? A year’s worth of customizable life story questions are emailed weekly to you or a loved one. The answers provided are returned to StoryWorth and other family members (optional, or you can choose to keep them private). At the end of a year, the responses are complied and bound into a hardcover book.

4. Celebrate DNA personalized genealogy gifts

Do you like the idea that you could start a genealogy conversation without saying a word? Or help your DNA-tested relatives share their results? Provide your DNA regions and percentages to Celebrate DNA and have them added to shirts and hoodies, mugs, wall art, and tote bags. Plan ahead, because it takes about one to three weeks for orders to arrive at your door.

5. Family Tree Magazine Essential Forms Collections

Don’t lose track of your family tree discoveries with these type-and-save worksheets, templates and checklists. The PDF forms in both Volume 1 (featuring 75 forms) and Volume 2 (featuring 53 forms) can be downloaded to your computer and printed out, helping you organize family facts and keep tabs on your genealogy progress. The collections include:

Essential Family Tree Forms Collection: Volume 1

  • Person Worksheets
  • Surname Worksheets
  • US Census Extraction Forms
  • Research Logs
  • and much more!

Essential Family Tree Forms Collection: Volume 2

  • Online Research Worksheets
  • Vital Records Worksheets
  • Organizing Worksheets
  • Photo and Heirloom Worksheets
  • and much more!

6. YourStory by Gaylord Archival curated preservation products

Trusted by museums and archivists around the world since 1896, the preservation experts at Gaylord Archival have taken the guesswork out of shopping for the family historian. Archival supplies make an ideal gift for someone who needs them, but wouldn’t necessarily purchase them for themselves.

Another idea is to create a quick DIY gift bundle of photo archiving supplies from Gaylord. Pictures are some of the most fragile family heirlooms and people often don’t know the best way to store and protect them. Use this list to assemble a kit yourself, based on advice from professional photo preservationists:

DIY Photo Archiving Kit Supplies

7. Foxbairn’s personalized family tree

A family tree presented on a tree? Genius! Etsy seller Foxbairn’s unique family tree artwork has been featured in national publications including House Beautiful and Country Living. To order, simply download and complete the genealogy chart form and send it back to Foxbairn. Choose how many generation “rings” you’d like to include in the design (between two and six), the size and if you’d prefer the wood to be “natural” (some knots and discoloration) or “premium” (minimal blemishes). Once the final design is approved, your pedigree is burned into a wood slice harvested from a sustainable forest.

8. National Genealogical Society membership

While it’s nice to have the membership benefits of sites like Ancestry and MyHeritage for records access, joining the National Genealogical Society has additional perks. Aside from the organization’s publications including NGS Magazine, NGS Monthly and NGS Quarterly, members also receive:

  • Discount registration for the annual NGS Family History Conference
  • Free Family History Skills Course
  • Discounts for online genealogy courses
  • Discounts on research trips
  • Discounts on books
  • Free member-only resources
  • Free access to e-library and archival resources
  • Access to Upfront with NGS blog
  • Special packages for audio and video recorded lectures
  • Full access to Voices of Genealogy
  • Eligibility to enter the NGS Family History Writing Contest
  • Special offers

9. Heritage Tour from Go Ahead Tours + Ancestry

There’s no denying that treating your loved one to an overseas research trip to the homeland is the genealogy gift of a lifetime! In partnership with Ancestry, Go Ahead Tours has created six heritage-focused tours for the diehard genealogist in your life. In addition to handpicked hotels and local cuisine, each tour includes an AncestryDNA kit and a pre-trip family history review. Plus, a genealogist from AncestryProGenealogists will be on hand throughout the tour to answer questions about your roots.

Tours being offered are: