Best Genetic Genealogy Websites of 2016

Best Genetic Genealogy Websites of 2016

Tap into these genetic genealogy resources to learn all about what DNA testing can tell you. 

DNA Land

This nonprofit site run by academics affiliated with Columbia University and the New York Genome Center focuses on breast cancer. But it also enables you “to connect with the scientific community and learn more about your genome for free, including information about ancestry and relatedness to other individuals on the site.”


Get more out of your DNA test results and find genetic cousins at this site. It lets you search for shared ancestry between people who’ve uploaded their autosomal DNA (atDNA) results from AncestryDNA, 23andMe or Family Tree DNA’s Family Finder.

International Society of Genetic Genealogy Wiki

Get your genetic genealogy questions answered at this easy-to-use educational site sponsored by ISOGG, which was founded in 2005 by DNA project administrators who shared a common vision. Its mission is “to advocate for and educate about the use of genetics as a tool for genealogical research, and to promote a supportive network for genetic genealogists.”

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