Most Cringe-Worthy Thanksgiving Fails

Most Cringe-Worthy Thanksgiving Fails

If you managed to burn water this Thanksgiving, you're not alone. What's Thanksgiving without a few fails?

I’ll never forget the year my mom left the rolls in the oven for as long as the turkey cooked. The family that eats burnt bread together, stays together, right? Here’s my favorite Thanksgiving fails from Family Tree Magazine’s readers, and one from our editor.
“One year, a long time ago, I roasted the turkey upside-down. I’m actually a competent cook (so my husband says), but I still have trouble determining which side of the turkey or chicken is which.” -Diane

“This is one of my late mother-in-law’s cooking faux pas. One year, she decided to roast the turkey wrapped completely in foil! I knew it wouldn’t brown anything, and that I would be asked to make the gravy, so I snuck in and poked a few holes in the bottom, so some drippings would come out and brown. She had unintentionally put it in upside down. The foil stuck to the skin, which was pale and flabby and tore it when pulled off. It was the saddest looking bird ever, and I felt sorry for the poor thing!” -Darillyn
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“One year I took the sweet potatoes out of the oven while other things finished up cooking. I covered them with plastic wrap, for some unknown reason, and we ended up with melted plastic wrap on top of the sweet potatoes. I don’t know why I did that. I’m thinking maybe we ran out of foil which is what I would normally have covered them with. But I sure wasn’t thinking when I used the plastic wrap.” -Debra

“One year we spent the extra money to purchase a fresh, not frozen turkey. Early Thanksgiving morning, with 10 expected for dinner, we open the wrapping to prepare to get the turkey in the oven only to have a horrible rotten smell assault our senses. The turkey was bad! Where were we going to get another turkey on Thanksgiving morning. My husband runs out to the store but the only turkey he can find is a 25 pound frozen turkey. He brings it home and we spend a couple hours giving it warm water baths to defrost it then get it in the oven expecting a delayed dinner. All our work and a roasting bag paid off as we had a wonderful dinner with family and friends. The turkey actually finished roasting before the expected baking time!” -Barbara

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